Your problem

You are getting ready to sell your home. You want to hire a real estate agent, but you do not know how to tell a good one from a bad one, and you think the commission they charge is outrageous. You feel overwhelmed, you are afraid to make a mistake, you do not know where to start. And, you feel as if nobody is on your side.


Welcome to the challenge known as selling your home. You are not alone. And the good news is, now there is help.


Whether you know it or not, any real estate agent you hire is not strictly on your side. Their outdated commission structure places their interests directly into conflict with yours. It is known as the Principle-Agent Problem, and it explains why real estate agents sell their own homes, on average, for 3.7% more than the sellers they represent. Because the advice they give you is different from the advice they give themselves.


Experienced real estate agents know that most home sellers feel overwhelmed and afraid of this big-dollar, infrequent transaction. And they will use that fear to convince you to play their game and to pay their fee. What they will not tell you though, is that you have options. You have the option to pick the best agent. You have the option to negotiate a commission that is more fair for both of you. And you have the option to manage the process of selling your home, with your real estate agent working in your best interest. But for that to happen, you either have to know what you are doing or you have someone else on your side who does (or both).


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