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When people say “I do,” do the really mean “I don’t?”

According to a study by market research firm, 15% of engaged couples planning to get married have misgivings about their upcoming nuptials. In another study, 3 out of every 10 divorced women admit they already knew their marriage was a mistake by the time they walked down the aisle.  Do people really get married when they have such strong doubts about marriage beforehand?

Yes. Every year thousands of people marry knowing with great certainty the marriage will not last. Why do they do it?

In Serious Doubts: Why People Marry When They Know It Won’t Last (BookSurge, November 2009), Carl Weisman  provides a unique insight into why people get married when they know ahead of time it will likely end in divorce. Survey results from over 1,000 people, plus in-depth interviews with 34, give insight into these compromised marital decisions. Weisman shows how external pressures, disempowering beliefs and misguided motivations can all lead to a marriage destined for divorce. He also exposes the one common trait these people all share.

Carl Weisman gives a look into the mind of people who have knowingly gone through with a doomed marriage. In doing so he details 25 reasons why people make poor choices and seven strategies they use unconsciously to ignore their intuition. “The seeds of many divorces are sown long before the wedding,” said Weisman. “People can make poor marital choices because they do not recognize all the forces acting upon them when they decide to marry. They think they are making an independent and unbiased decision, but that isn’t always the case.”

In Serious Doubts Carl Weisman carefully and successfully examines the marital decision process. In doing so, he highlights the common warning signs of an inevitable divorce that oftentimes go unnoticed. He also explains the difference between getting cold feet before a wedding and experiencing serious doubts. For years people were at a loss to explain the high divorce rate. In Carl Weisman’s book, some of the reasons are revealed.

About the Author

Carl Weisman has a Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University. His previous book, So Why Have You Never Been Married?: Ten Insights Into Why He Hasn’t Wed (New Horizon Press, 2008) is a thoroughly researched and detailed look into the dramatic societal changes of why men are delaying or avoiding marriage. He lives in Southern California and can be reached via the website

Why People Marry When They Know It Won’t Last
By Carl Weisman
Family & Relationships/Marriage
BookSurge, October 2009 release
$13.95 paperback
ISBN 13: 978-143925989-4
ISBN 10: 1-4392-5989-5

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